I have spent 30 years developing a broad portfolio of art, architecture, and conceptual / environmental projects. Much of my work blurs the boundaries between all three. I started in ceramics with a brief career as a studio artist, ski instructor and rock climber in Taos, New Mexico. Studying architecture with Anant Raje at the University of New Mexico lead me to India to teach design and ceramics at the School of Architecture in Ahmedabad. India, New Mexico, and for the last 20 years, living in the Northwest have profoundly influenced how I work:
Respect the natural world – We humans have a tremendous capacity for changing things, but very rarely improving what nature has given us.
Recycle, Reclaim, Reuse – There are qualities inherent in the old worn materials of the every day world, a rich mysteriousness not often found in what is brand new.
Let the natural characteristics of the materials speak for themselves – Metal, wood, even old traffic signs have important stories to tell.

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